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June Suepunpuck

aka "Joy Guide June"


Bachelors in Psychology, UVA

Masters of Fine Arts in Costume Design, UCLA


Inner child play, inner child healing, spiritual awakenings, integrative craniosacral unwinding, visualization meditation, sound healing, conversational therapy

Human Design:

1/3 Generator 


Aries sun + Capricorn Moon + Virgo Rising


English, Thai

Favorite color:

Rainbow, obviously

Favorite movie genre:



June is a Joy Guide & Energy Healer who puts the ‘woo’ in WOOHOO! June guides people who feel lost or stuck towards a more magical and purpose-driven life. Through Joy Guidance, Human Design, & Oracle Readings, she helps all of her clients answer the question: “Who am I now?”


June is no stranger to this question and leads from her personal and professional experiences. She went from earning a Psychology degree with plans to become a child therapist, to pivoting to a 14 year career as a costume designer and stylist in Hollywood, to multiple awakenings/existential crises, and then finally landing on her true calling as a Joy Guide. Whew!


Because of this life experience, June specializes in guiding people who feel stuck between their former ego-driven self and their new soul centered identity.  There is often a desire to leave behind a hustle, achievement-focused career for a deeper and more fulfilling life.  Since people who are going through challenging transitions are usually emotionally, physically, and spiritually stressed, June is able to provide a safe love nest for them to get truly honest with themselves and become the joyfully aligned beings they are meant to be.  


With extensive experience in spiritual awakenings, inner child work and trauma release, June is able to help others confidently embrace change from the inside out.  With her guidance, people can release their burdens, find their joy, and live the life of their dreams!

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Baby June

Preteen June

Teen- Mid 20's June

Joy Seeker June

Joy Guide June

As a kid, I was curious, adventurous, fearless, and believed I could do or be ANYTHING. I enjoyed drawing as well as singing and dancing in front of large crowds LOL. I was a ham! I wanted to grow up to be an astronaut, a blonde secretary, a witch, or... a unicorn. Whenever I mention my inner child, I'm talking about this little one. Today, I talk to her to tap into my courage and access my playful self!

As a pre-teen, things started to change. My curiosity began to shut down because I just wanted desperately to be "the same". I despised all the things that made me different. I was super aware of myself and cared deeply about what everyone else was doing or thinking. I hated my gangly body & wished I was anyone but myself. Now, whenever I feel shame, guilt, unworthiness or unlovable, I talk to and comfort her because I know this was when self-rejection began.

Then, shit hit the fan in my late 20s. Here are some not-so-fun lowlights: I was terrified of losing my freelance job and refused to call in sick until I ended up in the ER with pneumonia in my left lung. I was sick all the time because I never learned to listen to my body. My aunt, whom I was very close to, passed away suddenly and I missed her funeral because I didn’t want to let my team down. My people pleasing was at an all time high and led to a trustworthy reputation, but zero boundaries, regret, shame, & crippling guilt.

And when I thought things couldn't get any worse, a few months later my grandpa & my uncle passed away. SERIOUSLY? 3 deaths in a row?? This shocked me into a full blown breakdown and identity crisis. As tragic as it was, though, these deaths were the wake up call I needed to evaluate ALL of my life decisions (friends, relationships, career, health, etc).


My major questions were:




And as these questions changed my inner world, my outer world followed suit. I found myself in a violent breakup with my long-term boyfriend. Although I had seen red flags for years, I never thought it would ever be directed towards me. Looking back, I was always too scared to listen to my intuition and leave. But this was the final cord I needed to cut to be truly FREE to be myself for the first time as an adult.

And when the shit hit the fan and I finally CHOSE ME, I started my journey to freedom by Joy Seeking. I didn't call it that at the time but I knew I wanted to date myself and find out,



So I hired my first coach and spent a crazy amount of money because I believed I was worth the gamble. That was the catalyst that I needed to play full out... and I mean PLAY. I ended up quitting my consistent, lucrative career and went through waves of "LET'S PLAY WORLD! I'M UNSTOPPABLE!!!" to periods of "Are you F*&%ING insane, June??" panic. What got me through the ups and downs was remembering that staying the same wasn't leading me any closer to the joy and fulfillment I longed for. Not the money, the people, the career, and definitely not my old beliefs and habits.

So then my questions became:



So I told myself I was getting a "PHD in Life" to make myself feel better. That's a legit degree to go into debt for, right? I ended up travelling more in 1 year than I had my entire life. I prioritized rest over hustle, pleasure over pain & gain, and inner peace over outer success. I tried new things I never did before and opened my heart back up to CURIOSITY. I studied under as many amazing teachers as I could. I began meditating, fell in love with oracle cards, experimented with crystals, learned sound healing, absorbed human design, and even accidentally got certified in craniosacral therapy (long story). I also faced skeletons I buried within: the shame, guilt, self-rejection, and trauma. I faced the hard truth of being broke. I mean this joy seeking took WORK.


But what I found on the other side of the pain was something I hadn't felt since I was a kid. I felt pure JOY & FREEDOM. Despite not having financial security, not having a job, not having anything that I cared about before, I had never felt more like my TRUE SELF. I had never felt more at home.

So here we are now and I'm a full time joy guide and energy healer. I don't give a flying monkey's ass about my resume, I have no interest in being perfect, I don't panic at the thought of money, and I LOVE my life (even when shit continues to hit the fan and it does!) because I've learned to love and accept myself. I have been down the road of self-rejection and pain but I now I choose to be accountable for my own power and have fun along the way. I choose to enjoy this human experience!


So my hope is that by sharing my own explorations, I can help more people find the courage to explore their own JOY. Living your best life can start now. So my friend, are you ready?


I'd love to hear from you!

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