What does a Joy Guide do?

I guide people who feel lost or stuck towards a more joyful, magical, and purpose-driven life! What this looks like is different for everyone. However, the most common reason why my clients come to me as a Joy Guide is because they need improvement in some area of their life and are currently unhappy where they are. This could mean guidance in your relationships, help transitioning out of a career and into a new one, or even helping you gain clarity on what your soul desires. The possibilities are endless! My main goal is to help map out your next steps and guide you towards more joyful living.

What is intuition?

Your intuition is an ability to know or understand something without conscious reasoning. It's a higher form of instinct and it doesn't need any physical evidence to "know" something. Everyone has intuition, but not everyone knows how to tap into it and use it to their benefit. My hope is that working together (either through a Human Design reading or the Joy Guidance program), I can show you how to utilize your intuition so the decisions you make are truly aligned with what you desire. Intuition is one of the main cornerstones of my work alongside energy healing.

I heard your work is unconventional.  What does that mean?

When I guide I don't have a predetermined formula I use for all of my clients. Instead, I use my intuition and I connect to your energy to see what you may need. And, no, that doesn't mean I can read your mind... thankfully! However, I usually get messages in my body that often mimics what you may be experiencing in your own and/or I receive visions. It really depends on the person and how open they are during the session.

What services do you provide?

Currently, I have the following services: -The Joy Guidance program -Human Design readings -Oracle card readings -Workshop or retreat facilitator** -Speaker at your next event!** **To book, please email

What is an Oracle card?  What happens during an Oracle Card reading?

An oracle card is a type of divination tool that I use during my oracle card reading sessions. Consider it like a deck of cards, but instead of numbers and suits, you have themes and messages attached to each card. During my sessions I often use multiple oracle card decks, which all hold different themes. I have Goddess, Angel, Spirit Animal, Life Purpose, Kuan Yin themes... just to name a few. Unlike tarot cards that are more detailed, oracle cards hold "bigger energy" because the messages are usually more about the bigger picture. Therefore, asking bigger picture questions are ideal. Examples: -What is my divine purpose? -What themes are coming up for me in my life? -What should I focus on to help my business? -Am I going in the right direction? -What do I need to improve? During a reading I start by asking you what question you'd like answered during your session. Then I cleanse the cards and connect to your energy. By connecting to your energy, I can ensure that the accuracy of the cards chosen are meant for you and only you. Once the cards have been chosen, I help interpret the messages that come through. Some messages may resonate immediately and others may take more time. That is why I always ask if you'd like to record your session so you have the option to go back to review the card's responses. My readings always come from a place of LOVE so don't expect any doom and gloom here!

What is Human Design?  What happens during a Human Design reading?

In Joy Guide June terms, human design is a tool to get to know yourself better so that you may live more purposefully and joyfully! In more official terms, Human Design is a complex system that combines I Ching, Astrology, the Chakras, and Kabbalah to create a map for you to better understand the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself in this lifetime. There are 3 requirements for me to read your chart: 1) Your date of birth 2) The exact time you were born (may require looking at your birth certificate) 3) What city, state, & country you were born Here are the benefits of receiving a Joy Guide June Human Design reading: -You'll receive a complete Bodygraph chart and video recording of the session that you can go back and reference -We'll discuss what Human Design type you are (Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector) and why that makes you awesome -You'll learn the best way to connect with your intuition -You'll learn the specific strategy for living out your design -You'll learn how your design impacts your health and why -You'll learn how your design impacts your relationships -We'll discuss what your soul's purpose is in this lifetime -I'll tell you what your super powers are and how to use them to your benefit (YES! I said SUPER POWERS!!!) Why my readings are different from the rest! I love doing these sessions because I offer a unique take on the basic Human Design reading. Because I have a knack at seeing patterns in complex information, I am able to translate your chart and give you information in simple and practical terms that you can easily apply to your life right away. It's one of my favorite ways to guide you back to JOY! I also provide additional Human Design readings for the following: -1 hour Basic Human Design reading (EEK! I know nothing about Human Design. Teach me the basics of my chart) -1 hour Super Powers HD reading (Let's skip everything else and chat about what my super powers are and how I can best use them!) -2 Hour Compatibility HD reading. (I wanna know how compatible I am with my partner, spouse, best friend, mom, dad, coworker, etc. How do we "complete" each other?)

What is Joy Guidance?

This is a 1 month program dedicated to giving you a jump-start on your map to JOY! JOY GUIDANCE PROGRAM: -1 month -One on one, personalized guidance created specifically for you -1.5 hour sessions each week -During the 4 weeks we will focus on the following (depending on your needs): 1) Addressing why you're stuck, lost, or what your current blocks are that are keeping you from living a magical, joyful, and purpose-driven life 2) Doing a full Human Design reading so we can get to know you better (or brush up if we already did one together) 3) Discuss how your Human Design impacts your current blocks 4) Beginning steps towards healing the blocks that are holding you back 5) Start creating your map to JOY 6) Actionable steps each week -I'll be doing sound healing, energy healing, integrative craniosacral therapy, tarot/oracle card readings, or anything I feel is necessary to get you to that next stage of your process. I work intuitively so that each session is custom created for exactly what you need in that moment. I promise to explain everything I'm doing so you always feel safe and comfortable. -I'll be giving you exercises or rituals so you have supportive and actionable steps in between sessions. -You can also reach me via Marco Polo (video texting) for additional support. I can answer any questions you may have and check in with how you're doing. I answer my clients once a day usually between 3-5pm, M-F (PST). -Any or all of our sessions can be recorded over Zoom so you can go back and reference your amazing transformation! Giving guidance is such an intimate process, and much like finding the ideal therapist, doctor, spouse, or shoe... ya gotta make sure we're the perfect fit! So to give you some peace of mind as well as an opportunity for us to get to know each other, I have my clients start off at a 1 month commitment versus 3 or 6 months to a year. Also, I have a huge network of coaches and healers that I know, love, and trust, so if we decide you may work better with someone else at the end of the month, I can introduce you to your next guide :). If you're interested and have questions about this program, email to set up a 15 minute consultation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are acceped.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session you can do so and reschedule for a later time. As a courtesy, please cancel at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled session. To reschedule, please email

Can I get a refund?

All transactions are nonrefundable.

I would like to gift a session to a friend.  Do you offer that?

Yes! Please email to gift a session. ***Venmo is the only accepted form of payment for gifted sessions***

Are you a medical professional?

No, I am not a medical professional. My guidance should not be used to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your personal physician before doing any of my suggested activities. Sometimes it takes a village... and that's celebrated at Joy Guide June!

Who do you work with?

I work with anyone who wants to experience more joy and is ready to make BIG changes in their life. Because I use unconventional methods during my sessions, the people who come to me are usually open-minded, believe in something greater than themselves (The Cosmos, Universe, God, Source, Spirit, etc), and want to experience more magic in their day to day!

What is an Energy Healer?

I have training in energy healing, which is a method that channels the energetic field of the human body in order to promote healing, flow, and/or balance. By connecting to your energy, I can better understand where you are at (physically, mentally, or even spiritually) in the moment. Your energy during the session can dictate the direction at which I guide you. I usually receive your energy in the form of sensations in my body or even visions. It really depends on how open you are to letting me in. Energy healing is a cornerstone of all of my sessions. Because all of my work is done virtually, we do not need to physically touch in order for me to tap into your energy.

What is energy?

Energy is information that vibrates. It is all around us. In fact, we as humans as well as the Universe is made up of energy. Energy can be very obvious (like a fire that you can see and feel) or it can be very subtle (like your thoughts or intuition). Either way, you have the capability to sense it or even generate it! Most of us resonate with energy as the ability to get something done. For example, "I can't go out tonight. I ran out of energy after the gym." Even if you don't recognize it, it is something that you intuitively know can be harnessed or depleted within your own body.

How do I reschedule a cancelled session?

Please email to reschedule all appointments.

What other methods do you use during your sessions or programs?

-Conversational therapy (you tell me what's on your mind while I listen & perhaps ask you questions) -Guided visualization meditation (I use my voice to guide you into a relaxed state so we can reach your subconscious) -Long distance energy healing (I use my intuition and senses to help restore the balance and flow of your energy) -Sound healing (I use sound from instruments or my voice to restore the balance and flow of your energy) -Inner child therapy (we tap into your inner child so we can address old wounds and/or harness your creative energy) -Integrative Craniosacral therapy (a form of bodywork that uses gentle touch at specific points in the body to promote healing). This can be done long distance as well and without physical touch.