In Joy Guide June terms, Human Design is a tool to get to know yourself better so that you may live more purposefully and joyfully! In more official terms, Human Design is a complex system that combines I Ching, Astrology, the Chakras, and Kabbalah to create a map for you to better understand the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself in this lifetime.



There are 3 requirements for me to read your chart:

1) Your date of birth

2) The exact time you were born (may require looking at your birth certificate)

3) What city, state, & country you were born



Here are the benefits of receiving a Joy Guide June Human Design reading:

-You'll receive a complete Bodygraph chart and video recording of the session that you can go back and reference

-We'll discuss what Human Design type you are (Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector) and why that makes you awesome

-You'll learn the best way to connect with your intuition

-You'll learn the specific strategy for living out your design

-You'll learn how your design impacts your health and why

-You'll learn how your design impacts your relationships

-We'll discuss what your soul's purpose is in this lifetime

-I'll tell you what your super powers are and how to use them to your benefit (YES! I said SUPER POWERS!!!)


Why my readings are different from the rest!

I love doing these sessions because I offer a unique take on the basic Human Design reading. Because I have a knack at seeing patterns in complex information, I am able to translate your chart and give you information in simple and practical terms that you can easily apply to your life right away. It's one of my favorite ways to guide you back to JOY!


My human design reading with June was such an incredible and healing experience. I felt so seen and safe with June to explore the gifts and challenges of my design. I loved her systematic and intuitive approach to the reading because it allowed me to truly understand the different components and how they function in my chart as a whole, without feeling overwhelming or overly structured. I also loved how I never felt rushed in the reading, and appreciated the time June took to genuinely engage in conversation with me about the information as we progressed through the different parts of my design.


I felt like June truly saw me and her reading gave me the doorway to seeing and appreciating so much more about myself through understanding my human design chart. After my reading, I have more clarity on my purpose in life and feel confident in knowing how to apply what I’ve learned to support a deeper connection to myself and a more authentic approach to the different areas of my life. I also have a lot of great information that is just a beginning point to reference and resource for continued self discovery and self acceptance.

Best of all, June reflected the beauty of my unique design in a way that has inspired and empowered me to live even more joyfully as myself. I would highly recommend a human design reading with June to anybody who is new to human design and is looking for clarity and inspiration on living in alignment to their true self.


Coach & Astrologer