This is a private coaching program dedicated to creating a map to JOY

so you can live the life of your dreams!




-3 to 6 months


-One on one, personalized guidance created specifically for you


-1.5 hour sessions each week


-During the first month we will focus on the following (depending on your needs):

1) Addressing why you're stuck, lost, or what your current blocks are that are keeping you from living a magical, joyful, and purpose-driven life

2) Doing a full Human Design reading so we can get to know you better (or brush up if we already did one together)

3) Discuss how your Human Design impacts your current blocks

4) Beginning steps towards healing the blocks that are holding you back

5) Start creating your map to JOY 

6) Actionable steps each week 

-The rest of our time together will be dedicated to exploration, joy seeking, and following your inner compass towards whatever purpose is calling you in this lifetime


-I'll be doing sound healing, energy healing, integrative craniosacral therapy, tarot/oracle card readings, or anything I feel is necessary to get you to that next stage of your process. I work intuitively so that each session is custom created for exactly what you need in that moment. I promise to explain everything I'm doing so you always feel safe and comfortable.


-I'll be giving you exercises or rituals so you have supportive and actionable steps in between sessions.


-You can also reach me via Marco Polo (video texting) for additional support. I can answer any questions you may have and check in with how you're doing. I answer my clients once a day usually between 3-5pm, M-F (PST).


-Any or all of our sessions can be recorded over Zoom so you can go back and reference your amazing transformation!


Giving guidance is such an intimate process and much like finding the ideal therapist, doctor, spouse, or shoe... ya gotta make sure we're the perfect fit! So to give you some peace of mind, I offer a free consultation so we can properly get to know one another.  Also, I have a huge network of coaches and healers that I know, love, and trust, so if we decide you may work better with someone else, I can suggest another guide :).


If you're interested and have questions about this program

but do not see an available date on the calendar,

please set up the 30 minute consultation by

emailing joyguidejune@gmail.com