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An oracle card is a type of divination tool that I use during my oracle card readings.  Consider it like a deck of cards, but instead of numbers and suits, you have themes and messages attached to each card. 


During my sessions I often use multiple oracle card decks, which all hold different themes.  I have Goddess, Angel, Spirit Animal, Life Purpose, Kuan Yin themes... to name a few.  Unlike tarot cards that more detailed, oracle cards hold "bigger energy" because the messages are usually more about the bigger picture.  Therefore, asking bigger picture questions are ideal.


What is my life purpose?

What are the major themes coming up in my life?

How should I take care of my mind, body, and spirit right now?

What should I focus on to help my career?


Am going in the right direction?

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During the 1 hour reading, I'll start by asking you what question you would like answered during your session.  Then I cleanse the decks I feel will best guide you  and connect to your energy.  By connecting to your energy, I can ensure that the accuracy of the of the individual cards chosen are meant for you and only you.  Once the cards have been chosen, I help interpret the divine messages that come through.

Some messages may resonate immediately while others may take more time.  That is why I always ask if you'd like to record our session so you have the option to go back to review the card's responses.

My readings always come from a place of LOVE so don't expect any doom and gloom here!

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