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Welcome to "The Joy of Being You" Blog!

My journey to joy can be described as many things, but it could never be described as "DONE". The journey to joy is not a final destination, which is something that most people who work with me don't realize at first. It's not something you can plan from start to finish or check off of a list (Oh man, I hear the groans of my type A perfectionists already LOL). And, no, you can't just hop into a car, turn on the engine, plug "joy" into the GPS, and call it a day.

The journey to joy is more like a ship
sailing in a vast ocean
with no land in sight
and the only way to know where you're going
is to trust your own inner compass.

While on your ship you can use mother nature or the stars as clues, but mostly, you're relying on your instincts to navigate. I know that can sound a weeeee bit terrifying, but I promise there's a major pay off.

For me, finding joy has been a lot of exploration but it has also been about:

  • Learning to let go of my ego and need for control

  • Believing in myself and my choices

  • Having the courage to trust my inner compass / intuition

  • Having faith that everything is unfolding for a bigger, better purpose

  • Total surrender to the waves of change

  • Facing my deepest, darkest, ugliest fears

  • Allowing myself the time and space to feel my (repressed) feelings

  • Actually communicating my needs and my boundaries

  • FLOW

And for many, this list can send your mind into a total panic.

But what if you don't know how to read your inner compass, or hell, what if you don't know if you even have one? What if you feel lost and have no clue how to trust yourself... or you don't even remember what joy feels like? What if you don't even know who are you becoming, but can't be who you've been? Or what if you think "surrender" sounds like total bullshit that only quitters say to make themselves to feel better?

I say to you, "Ohhhhh I so get all of that, friend. That was me most of my life before I became a Joy Guide! And, frankly, it sometimes still is."

Finding the answers on your journey to joy can often leave you feeling lost, confused, purposeless, or even hopeless when doing it all alone. But, I have great news...YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALL ALONE.

You have me. This is my calling! To be a guide for everyone who is navigating the vast and, at times, choppy, uncharted ocean called life.

And, of course, to also:

-throw you a life raft when you feel like you're drowning


-help you create a map home when your compass is broken


-celebrate you when you've found your own joyful paradise


-encourage you to keep surrendering to the flow and just BE


-or play with you (and the dolphins) and remind you to NOT take life too seriously!!!!


So joy may not have an end point, but it certainly has a beginning. And that's exactly where this blog (and we) will start. My hope is that by sharing my own experiences, you'll see that joy isn't some perfect, unattainable, high-vibe-all-the-time feeling.

Joy is equanimity. A very neutral place where (no matter what life throws at you or what uncertainty it may bring) you can always come back to your inner compass. You can always come home to yourself. And I believe that TRUE JOY is attainable.

So if you're curious about how to begin, this blog will be a great place to start. I'll be using it as a way to chronicle my own adventures as a Joy Guide as a well as a Joy Seeker. I'll also be sharing tips on how joyful living can be reached through everyday, practical magic!

And since I'm lifting these from my own personal musings, consider this a personal invite to read my journal ;)

From my heart to yours,


P.S. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment below...


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