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CEO of Redefine Possibility &

Head of Coaching at SWAYworkplace

"Working with June this past year was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.  Not only did she help me confidently step into the gifts that were hiding deep down  (that maybe I had an inkling were there all along), but I learned so much about myself. 


With June's help, I was able to embrace what I was truly capable of in a way I know I wouldn't have gotten to on my own.  Her energy is just absolutely infectious! 


I also really don't think it's a coincidence that my business actually doubled the month after I started working with June.  That's just what her work does- it takes away all of the clutter out of your head and gives you new breath.  You are able to breathe in a way you have never before.  So if you're on the fence about working with June or it's ever been a thought, go for it!  You have absolutely no idea what you're in store for.  It's such a treat and a joy to work with June."  

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Artist, Creative Director, & Toy Designer

"I did June's program and it was one of the most transformational and spiritually awakening experiences of my life.  


After our sessions I felt like I had unlocked all the cheat codes I needed for my life, as well as equipping me with the ultimate strategy guide for the future so I can tackle life at 110%. 


I came to June after a big career change and break up, as well as suffering from confidence and self esteem issues.  Over the course of the program she helped me identify where all the gook and mental slime was acrewing and acclumilating, and she armed me with the tools to clean myself up and stay clean!   


By the end of our sessions, it felt like the final epic scene in a Disney movie or something...where the curse is finally lifted and all the particles vanish revealing the characters true self. 


Her program is like a preschool for adults, where you learn the abc's of life that you never even knew you needed.  I think it's June's deep understanding of human psychology, life, and people combined with her ability to communicate creatively that really makes her program an extremely powerful experience that has the ability to make massive transformations in people's lives.  It's also super fun and entertaining too!


Looking back on it, I may have never healed on my own, or if I did I feel like it would have taken years... I'm so grateful I took the dive with June as I'm now able to live my life again with new-found confidence, strength, and joy!"



Human Resources Manager

& (now) Shaman

"From the moment I met June, I felt her unique nature, joyful being, and sensed she had the ability to bring forth truths that are key to my spiritual journey. 


Through her Joy Guidance over the last six months, I was able to further expand my healing and transformation by unearthing hidden aspects of my child self, father figure trauma, as well as connecting me with my own intuitive guide(s)!  I now fully  embrace my psychic abilities and my shamanic gifts and know my life purpose goes far beyond my day job.  June brings a whole new level of spiritual healing I've never experienced before.

I call June "The Key" because she has helped me unlock parts of myself that were hidden.  Working with her has been a crucial and pivotal point for me because I had  been doing this work, but never have I gone to this level of growth. With her help I have gone through multiple dimensions and experiences that I didn't know how to access on my own.  June came and released those blocks.  

June has used all kinds of methods over our time together.  From sound healing, energy healing, human design, to past life regression.  I never know which one she'll use, but she intuitively knows which technique will help me in that moment.  Every week together has led to bigger expansions and even greater clarity about what my true purpose is in the lifetime.    

Thank you, June, for your beautiful soul, love, and joy.”




I decided to ask June to read my Human Design chart because I couldn't make sense of the resources online, and, frankly, I didn't know which ones to trust. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The reading was like someone looking into your heart and showing you all that is special and good within you. It was very comprehensive! June explained how my intuition worked and how to better connect with it; shared strategies to make decisions that are more aligned with my authentic self; and identified my unique gifts so that I can better understand my purpose in the world and in my relationships with others. June's insights were incredible, and I left the reading with a new level of self awareness. I am excited to make the most of my natural capabilities.

In addition to being incredibly intelligent, June is warm, thoughtful, and direct. During the reading, she spent a lot of time answering my questions (yes, I was a skeptic!) with an open heart and specific details. She took complicated and abstract concepts and made them practical and relevant to me. June truly is a guide who wants people to learn, grow, and be the very best versions of themselves. She will be my trusted guide for years to come.



Founder of the Business Relationship Alliance

"I didn’t realize how much joy was being sucked from my soul because of imposter syndrome until I started working with June. 


In the past 9+ months, June has provided me with actionable steps to help silence my inner critic.  June has also taken me through many exercises, she listens, and she’s provided me with an inner compass.  This compass puts me in the right direction on the path of positivity and true joy.  


Luckily, this joy has also been trickling into my business as an entrepreneur and I’m now more efficient, more excited to work, and I show up better for myself and my community.  I completely owe all of that to the wonderful work and guidance I’ve had with June. 


If you are an entrepreneur or anyone who is feeling a little stuck or muddy, I highly recommend Joy Guide June!"



Director of External Operations at AVEDA

"I was recommended to June by a friend of mine who had a great experience.  Personally, I've practiced meditation and other forms of mindfulness for most of my life.  However, I hadn't had great experiences with energy healing or any reading work until now. 


The reading itself was amazing.  It started off with a guided meditation, which helped me recenter and felt pretty much at home for me.  From there, June worked her process.  One thing I noticed about June, which was really great was that she was very intuitive and intellectual.   She was able to walk me through the experience, which involved me checking in with myself with each card pull.  She was the facilitator and allowed me to understand and discover things that were latently there that I wasn't aware of and really helped me process what it meant and where to go. 


Another thing I really appreciated from the process was that insight.  To me, it provided great feedback, information and better perspective.  In addition to that, June gave me very constructive and tangible things I could take away from the session.  I understood what was going on within myself at a higher level and what my next steps would be to remedy or direct my energy in a certain way.  The Oracle Card reading definitely gave me a perspective I would not have been able to obtain on my own.  Thank you, June!"



Brand Photographer

I started working with June in July of 2020 and I came to her for an oracle reading initially. So many things that came out during that reading came out to be key to what was holding me back so I signed on to work with June as my Joy Guide.

We went through so many of my blocks from my past traumas and the tools that I learned from June have tremendously helped -not only in my personal life but my business as well- because it's all tied together. 

The minute I started working with June my business started to take off, which I do not think is a coincidence. Working with June was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who is feeling stuck or needs guidance to figure out who they are.

Honestly, working with June was one of the most transformative things I've ever done.



Senior Product Designer

During a very difficult and challenging time in my personal life that made me look into deep wounds and patterns of my childhood and my relationship to anger and resentment, I was stuck. I was stuck in all those feelings. I could have just kept crying because I didn’t know how to hold that space for myself so I could continue to move through it. June listened to my struggle and offered that I do a session with her.


June exudes tenderness and has the ability to hold a safe space when you feel like yours is crumbling. She opened the session with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL chant. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. It's as if her voice was channeling something ancient, something wise and it was being embedded into my body through the vibration of her voice. Once you hear the music she sings, it is so clear that this is her CALLING, not just her work.


As someone who is very in tune with their intuition, I felt at home instantly with her. My body didn’t feel like it was in fight or flight mode anymore. I felt lighter, calmer and had better mental clarity. June shared with me some visions that she got during the session. She explained what they were and where in my body they were coming from. I’m also pretty keen and open to visions and symbolism so what she was explaining to me made so much sense as to what I was feeling and what could possibly be trapped or stagnant in my body. It was really interested and eye-opening to have June experience that for me, as if she was shining light on something that I needed to take a closer look at for myself.


After my session with her, I was able to go through my emotions with a little more grace and a little more kindness towards myself than I did before. Her session was a necessary release I didn’t realize I needed until after the experience. Soon after, my digestion had normalized and my sleep was a little more peaceful. I could still sit with the work I needed to do for myself without collapsing in the pain or anger. Honestly, I’m really lucky to have her as a resource and a guide because sometimes people don’t realize there are outlets like this that exist and can actually HELP when we are processing some really deep $h!t. Not many people are equipped and I do believe that June is helping bridge that gap that this world is starting to need. 

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Life Coach & Astrologer

My human design reading with June was such an incredible and healing experience. I felt so seen and safe with June to explore the gifts and challenges of my design.


I loved her systematic and intuitive approach to the reading because it allowed me to truly understand the different components and how they function in my chart as a whole, without feeling overwhelming or overly structured. I also loved how I never felt rushed in the reading, and appreciated the time June took to genuinely engage in conversation with me about the information as we progressed through the different parts of my design. I felt like June truly saw me and her reading gave me the doorway to seeing and appreciating so much more about myself through understanding my human design chart.


After my reading, I have more clarity on my purpose in life and feel confident in knowing how to apply what I’ve learned to support a deeper connection to myself and a more authentic approach to the different areas of my life. I also have a lot of great information that is just a beginning point to reference and resource for continued self discovery and self acceptance. Best of all, June reflected the beauty of my unique design in a way that has inspired and empowered me to live even more joyfully as myself. I would highly recommend a human design reading with June to anybody who is new to human design and is looking for clarity and inspiration on living in alignment to their true self.

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