I am a Joy Guid

I guide people who feel lost or stuck find their way towards a more joyful, magical, & purpose-driven life! 

Although the adventure to joy looks different for everyone, the reason for hiring me is always the same:

You are unhappy or unsatisfied because you know your life is meant for something greater, but have no clue how to get there. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place because, ultimately, I help people  answer the question: "Who am I now?"  


Here are a few examples of what Joy Guidance can look like for you:

-I can help you get unstuck & discover your soul's purpose

-I can help reconnect you with your inner child and heal old wounds

-I can navigate you through a tough time in life (divorce, job loss, spiritual awakening etc)

-I can ease you into your next chapter of life (new business, baby arrival, etc) 

- I can help you gain clarity on what you truly desire  


Honestly, the possibilities are endless.  

My main mission is to help you map out actionable steps towards more joyful living and together we can have fun doing it through the Joy Guidance program!

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I am an
Energy Heal

First, let me address the basics.  What is energy?  Energy is information that vibrates.  It is all around us and we (along with the Universe) is made up of energy.  Energy can be very obvious, like a fire that can be seen and felt, or it can be very subtle like our thoughts or intuition.  Most of us, though, resonate with energy as the ability to get something done.  For example, "I can't go out tonight.  I ran out of energy."  Even if you don't consciously realize it, energy is something you can intuitively sense, feel, deplete, and even harness inside and outside of your body.

I have training in energy healing, which is a method that channels the energetic field of the human body in order to promote healing, flow, and/or balance.  By connecting to your energy, I can holistically check in with how you're feeling in the moment and then intuitively guide you to joy.

I use energy healing in all of my sessions (Joy Guidance, Human Design, or Oracle Readings).

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When I first met June I absolutely loved her energy. She had such a bright and warm light about her. I was going through some big life changes and I was in need of some guidance on where this new path was leading me. 


The first time I experienced an Oracle card reading with June was on an Instagram live feed, where she did a quick one card reading for me. I felt we connected so easily even though we physically were not in the same space and the card related so much to what I was dealing with at the time. I knew she had to be the one to do a full reading for me. 


My first full Oracle card reading with June absolutely blew my mind with how much she was able to give me! All the cards were answers to the questions I came into the reading with. There were tears and laughter and as a bonus when I rewatched our Zoom session, we even caught a spirit voice! This session left me with so much clarity and peace, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. June has such a beautiful talent and I am so grateful for her. I absolutely loved everything about the reading and I can’t wait to see what my spirit guides have for me next time. 





I decided to ask June to read my Human Design  chart because I couldn't make sense of the resources online, and, frankly, I didn't know which ones to trust. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The reading was like someone looking into your heart and showing you all that is special and good within you. It was very comprehensive! June explained how my intuition worked and how to better connect with it; shared strategies to make decisions that are more aligned with my authentic self; and identified my unique gifts so that I can better understand my purpose in the world and in my relationships with others. June's insights were incredible, and I left the reading with a new level of self awareness. I am excited to make the most of my natural capabilities.

In addition to being incredibly intelligent, June is warm, thoughtful, and direct. During the reading, she spent a lot of time answering my questions (yes, I was a skeptic!) with an open heart and specific details. She took complicated and abstract concepts and made them practical and relevant to me. June truly is a guide who wants people to learn, grow, and be the very best versions of themselves. She will be my trusted guide for years to come.

Ritu N,




"From the moment I met June, I felt her unique nature, joyful being, and sensed she had the ability to bring forth truths that are key to my spiritual journey. 


Through her Joy Guidance over the last six months, I was able to further expand my healing and transformation by unearthing hidden aspects of my child self, father figure trauma, as well as connecting me with my own intuitive guide(s)!  I now fully  embrace my psychic abilities and my shamanic gifts and know my life purpose goes far beyond my day job.  June brings a whole new level of spiritual healing I've never experienced before.

I call June  "The Key" because she has helped me unlock parts of myself that were hidden.  Working with her has been a crucial and pivotal point for me because I had  been doing this work, but never have I gone to this level of growth. With her help I have gone through multiple dimensions and experiences that I didn't know how to access on my own.  June came and released those blocks.  

June has used all kinds of methods over our time together.    From sound healing, energy healing, human design, to past life regression.  I never know which one she'll use, but she intuitively knows which technique will help me in that moment.  Every week together has led to bigger expansions and even greater clarity about what my true purpose is in the lifetime.    

Thank you, June, for your beautiful soul, love, and joy.”


human resources manager